Ag-tech startup FarmAfield launches first public product, creating new opportunities to invest in agriculture

FarmAfield | Feb. 14, 2018

FarmAfield is on a mission to change the way consumers and farmers connect to each other. Their marketplace provides consumers with innovative opportunities to easily invest in agriculture, resulting in a uniquely diversified portfolio for them and lower income volatility and new sources of capital for farmers.

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FarmAfield wants to streamline capital investment for farmers

Rod Armstrong | April 7, 2017

Farmers and ranchers will sometimes enter into handshake agreements with neighbors or family members for a financial stake in each other’s crops or livestock. Lincoln ag tech startup FarmAfield is developing a platform to scale that concept and increase the amount of investment capital available to producers.

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World-Herald editorial: Innovation wins plaudits

World-Herald editorial | March 16, 2017

College students from around the globe attended an international conference in Switzerland last year exploring innovative ways to boost global food production. Among the 10 finalists was a student team from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln that developed FarmAfield, an online marketplace enabling farmers and ranchers to buy and sell production contracts in any size.

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Millennial Food Innovators: FarmAfield Crowdfunds Cattle Inputs, Lowers Price Volatility

Though for Food | Oct. 4, 2016

[FarmAfield's] platform lowers a farmer’s yearly price volatility by diversifying their ownership and risk associated with farming. FarmAfield is currently focusing on cattle investment across the United States, but plans to branch out to other markets.

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Group of UNL students, professor win international farming challenge

Sarah Wontorcik | Feb. 29, 2016

The Thought For Food Challenge is an annual competition where university students from all around the world submit various solutions for feeding the growing population of the world. Thought For Food defines itself as “a movement dedicated to tackling the global challenge of feeding 9-plus billion people through bold, breakthrough solutions.”

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Online marketplace created by UNL students named finalist in competition

Haley Steinkuhler | Feb. 17, 2016

FarmAfield, an online marketplace being developed by three University of Nebraska-Lincoln students, has been named a finalist in the international Thought for Food Challenge. More than 500 entries from more than 100 countries were submitted in the competition aimed at finding creative ways to face the challenge of feeding the world.

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FarmAfield Connecting Small Investors with At-Risk Farmers

Mike Koon | May 22, 2014

Farmers across the globe assume a fair amount of risk, since multiple exterior factors such as weather, disease, markets, and infrastructure can seriously affect not only profits, but their entire livelihood. While insurance and similar products can certainly ease the burden, some agricultural engineering PhD students from the University of Illinois are working with several other Midwest researchers to give farmers another option to minimize that volatility at home and in the developing world.

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