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We pay trusted farmers and ranchers to raise and care for your crops and livestock, and let you monitor their progress on your virtual farm.

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When your crops or livestock reach maturity and are sold, you receive the proceeds and are given early access to the next available contract involving that commodity. We recommend entering the next available contract whenever possible to limit the effect of seasonal market fluctuations.

Our Production Contracts

Agricultural production contracts are simply agreements detailing an arrangement for raising agricultural commodities. There are many variations (see here and here for some examples and more details) but the ones available in our marketplace require the buyer (contractor) to pay for all of the costs incurred to raise and sell a particular commodity, in exchange for all of the proceeds when the commodity is sold. We want to keep things as simple as possible for all parties involved so we standardize these agreements within a given commodity group, but contracts for different commodity groups will have less in common. Details specific to each commodity group can be found in their respective pages below.

Our first offerings are feeder cattle because Nebraska is home to some of the best cattle feeders in the world and they provide unparalleled consistency and transparency in the production process. They’ve been using production contracts for a long time and have developed excellent management and record-keeping systems so you can receive regular, detailed updates regarding the growth and health of your cattle. The updates are not in real-time yet, but they’re not far from it and getting closer all the time.

More details about the cattle production process can be found here. Typical durations of feeder cattle contracts are around 6 months, and the cattle will grow from a starting weight of approximately 700 pounds to a finished weight of roughly 1400 pounds. The cattle producer will provide all feed, care, and transportation in exchange for their actual costs plus a daily yardage (management) fee for their efforts. When your cattle are sold, you can decide to repurchase more cattle in the next available lot or receive the proceeds back in your FarmAfield account.