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Where connections in agriculture are created.

At FarmAfield, we are dedicated to creating valuable connections for producers and consumers. Our online marketplace facilitates and manages ownership investments between farmers and outside investors. FarmAfield is built to strengthen the agriculture industry by creating these connections around the world.

Tangible agriculture investments are simplified.

Investing in agriculture is a great strategic move, but it requires capital to buy or lease and operate a farm or a thorough understanding of financial markets to invest in ag-related equities, commodities, or mutual funds. FarmAfield’s online marketplace enables small investments in crops and livestock, bringing diversity to your portfolio and connection to an industry you value.

Outside investors become partners in agriculture.

Farming is inherently volatile and we know the hardship that farmers face when considering the risk on their operations. Through FarmAfield’s online marketplace, farmers can connect to outside investors who, by working together as partners in agriculture, can share in both the risk as well as the return their operation carries.

FarmAfield is for

Outside Investors

wanting to invest
in agriculture

Grain Farmers

wanting to manage their
risk and income volatility

Cattle Producers

looking for new customers
and investments

Intuitive Interface
Simple and easy to use interface
Diversified Ag Portfolio
Build a real agricultural portfolio with low volatility
Vetted Opportunities
Choose from pre-vetted investment opportunities
Low Costs
Pay nominal brokerage charges
Real-time Benchmarking
Comparison with industry averages
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