How It Works

FarmAfield makes getting involved in agriculture easy.

Build Your Farm

Choose agricultural products from our current offerings to purchase and monitor on your virtual farm.

Watch it Grow

We pay trusted farmers and ranchers to raise and care for your crops and livestock and keep you updated on their progress.

Receive Your Returns

When your crops or livestock reach maturity and are sold, you receive the proceeds.

Creating Connections in Agriculture

FarmAfield exists to streamline collaborations between people who care about agriculture.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"After growing up in a rural community and moving away, this is the quick and secure way to stay financially connected to the industry I know."

-Blake D.

"It's great to know that with FarmAfield I'm getting to invest locally. It gives me more confidence in the investment. Everything was simple and easy to use."

-Madison C.

"I have tried a variety of online investment opportunities, but I found that FarmAfield had a comfortable balance of ease and security in getting started."

-Drew H.

FarmAfield in the News

Intuitive Interface

Simple and easy to use interface

Diversified Ag Portfolio

Build a real agricultural portfolio with low volatility

Vetted Opportunities

Choose from pre-vetted agricultural investing opportunities

Low Costs

Pay nominal brokerage charges

Real-time Benchmarking

Comparison with industry averages


All of your data is completely secure

Start Building Your Farm Today

Modern agricultural investing made simple.