Frequently Asked Questions

Build Your Farm

  • How does it work?

    FarmAfield provides a marketplace of agricultural production contracts designed to streamline collaborations between people who care about agriculture. We let you buy crops and livestock with the click of a button, and then we pay trusted farmers and ranchers to raise and care for them. Meanwhile, you can keep track of their progress on your virtual farm and then receive the proceeds from their sale.

  • How do I pick the producer who will raise my crops or livestock?

    If you purchase agricultural products through our marketplace, we arrange for the completion of their production through our network of trusted producers depending on their location, availability, etc., so we reserve the right to choose the best producer at the time of purchase.

    If you have a pre-existing relationship with a producer, landowner, or investor and would like to streamline your partnership using our online system, please contact us to learn about ways we can make your life easier. If you know a reputable producer who is not currently part of our producer network but might be a good fit, please let us know here to start the application process. We screen producers to ensure they are savvy, trustworthy, and efficient before adding them to our trusted network.

  • What are the maximum or minimum purchase sizes?

    FarmAfield allows you to purchase nearly any amount, subject to the current capacity within our network of producers for your desired product.

  • When are cattle openings typically available? When is the best time to buy?

    Cattle openings are available year-round, but cattle markets can be volatile. We recommend spreading your purchases throughout the year rather than trying to predict the seasonality of the markets, but the choice is yours.

  • Once I find an available opening, how do I pay for it?

    Once you sign up for an account, we will guide you through three simple steps to link your bank and fund your account. If you prefer to pay by check or alternative methods, please follow the links on your account page.

Watch It Grow

  • How long is a typical production cycle?

    Each timeline will vary based on the particular product you have purchased, so please check the details on the purchase page before buying. Feeder cattle, for example, typically have a contract duration of approximately 6 months.

  • How will I know what’s going on with my cattle?

    All of the producers in our network have agreed to help us provide regular updates detailing expenses incurred, progress metrics, and changes to the original production schedule. You will be able to access these updates at any time in your online account.

  • How much experience do I have to have with feeder cattle?

    The producers in our network are experts in their fields and provide management recommendations based on years of experience. For the average user, all that is needed is to approve the proposed management plan at the time of purchase. Please contact us if you have alternate requests not included in the proposed management plan, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

    It requires more experience to be added to our producer network. Please contact us if you are a producer who keeps detailed records and has a history of outperforming the averages, and we can begin the review process.

  • Can I add or remove my money at anytime during the process?

    FarmAfield currently requires a commitment for the entirety of the production cycle of your purchased goods, but we’re developing real-time pricing models that will allow you to sell your products at any time during the production cycle. Be sure to review the estimated duration of the production cycles for any products you are considering before making your purchases.

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