Your answer is FarmAfield. 

We know you've got a lot on your plate. We want to give you a tool to help lighten that load.

Our online system will allow you easily upload your financial data, clearly see what risks you might have, and then quickly make diversifying investments to lower that potential risk. The first platform we will be using will allow grain farmers to make investments in cattle feedlots - an easy diversification. 

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Let's ease the volatility. 

We understand that farming is a stressful business. Weather events, volatile prices, expensive risk management tools, and lack of infrastructure contribute to the risk you face when things change. FarmAfield eases these changes through cattle diversification. Since cattle and grain have opposite markets, your price volatility drops. 

Know who you are investing in.

We understand that trust is vital and you want to know who you are partnering with. We only work with reputable cattle feedlots, and we give you their background and performance to help you make the best choice.


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Interested in FarmAfield?

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