Impacted by farming three times a day.

(Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner)

Our Mission

Create investment opportunities in agriculture benefiting both farmers and investors.

We believe that agriculture is fundamental to our society. However, unless you are a farmer, you really have no connection to the industry producing the world’s food. FarmAfield is changing that with agriculture investments. We’ve built a way for you to own your own livestock and crops (no chores included). This ownership behaves much like an investment in the stock market - it can go up or down - but instead of holding an invisible share in a huge corporation, our investment is in real farmers. This is a real connection with agriculture, regardless if you come from an ag background or not. With FarmAfield, your investment can not only benefit you with a financial return; it's also a valuable tool for farmers.

Supporting Farmers

Our team grew up around farmers; they are our dads, neighbors, fraternity brothers, and friends. Everything that we do is centered around supporting these men and women. It’s who we are. Our team would never build a product to rob a farmer of their data or put their livelihood at risk. That's why our product doesn't change anything about how a farmer is currently farming. We just add a tool to their tool belt. We do this through production contacts, which have been used in agriculture for years.

When you invest, we create a small production contract between you and a farmer. This acts just like an investment but instead of stock, you own actual livestock or crops. We work with the farmer to give you updates, and when the livestock or crops are sold, you receive the returns and the farmer gets paid for the work he did. It's a benefit to you and a benefit to the farmer; a win-win.

Meet the Team

Mitch Minarick

Mitch is the CEO and founder of FarmAfield.

Preferred Boot Brand:

Brennan Costello

Brennan heads up sales and business development.

Preferred Boot Brand:
Tony Lama

Matthew Foley

Matt leads the finance and marketing efforts at Farmafield.

Preferred Boot Brand:
Vans (not an ag guy)

Andrew Miarick

Andrew in charge of data management/engineering.

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Sid Verma

Sid is our designer and engineer.

Preferred Boot Brand:
Twisted X

Chris Cirone

Chris leads engineering and data science.

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Brendan Owens

Brendan is one of our software engineering interns.

Preferred Boot Brand:
Sperry's (a city guy)

Jared Fuelberth

Jared is our other software engineering intern.

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Red Wing

Ashley Montag

Ashley is our business strategist.

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FarmAfield in the Media

Headquartered in North Bend, Nebraska in the heart of the country, FarmAfield understands first hand the problems our friends in farming face.

They're our neighbors.